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Technology 4 Human Development

Humanity needs to realize that only by truly understanding our independent nature will we be able to solve the challenges we face

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T4HD is a provider of shared technology driven services to organizations that do not have the resources and knowledge to set up and run IT driven solutions to support their mission critical operations with positive outcomes to Humanity.

For a positive change

Technology has transformed humanity. Still, the majority of these technologies have been at the heart of big organizations which have the resources needed to take advantage of these tools enhancing their objectives. Organizations operating within the social responsibility and solidarity context have not been able to use technology in the same way. Although technology has dramatically increased communications and awareness to support these organizations. The application of technology in order to maximize their efficiency and productivity is almost non existent in the majority of cases. Relying on intermittent funds and volunteer work becomes a very hard task to support in a long term, with high impact structural changes. Many of these organizations loose their operational capabilities and, as a result, their motivation to keep moving forward with their purposeful mission.

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We are

Making technology work for EVERYONE.

SUPPORTING industry and services ecosystems.

Regenerating HUMAN resources for a new age of work.

Converting companies to operate SUSTAINABLY.

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Our Mission

Our  mission is to provide the technological tools that will unleash Human Potential.

T4HD is a Social Cooperative focusing on providing support for existing and new organizations that share common goals.

T4HD Areas of Expertise

The T4HD focus on several areas inside the technological expertise like:

Digital Platforms

Design, create and manage your organization digital presence

IT Infrastructure

Provide the necessary infrastructure to support your operation. Covering datacenter, end-user, IoT contexts

Business Solutions

Create & Manage solutions to address your business challenges


Provide solutions to maximize learning and knowledge dissimination

Sustainability Convergence

Help organizations understand and implement practices and solution to reduce environment and social impacts while still maintaining a healthy economic state

Integration Services

Provide integration between organizations and systems that will maximize collaboration and resource utilization

T4HD Summary Presentation

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